Sunday, September 30, 2012

Your Top Priority When Buying a Suit

We recently asked on our Facebook page what people thought the top priority should be when purchasing a new suit; Style, Fit, Fabric, Price or Store. 
The votes came in and our fans overwhelmingly chose Fit.

Our fans know what they’re talking about. It doesn't matter if you're in the corporate world or on the creative side - at work, a wedding or other special occasion. It doesn't matter if it’s winter, summer or in between. The fact is having the right fit allows a man to make a clear statement without saying a word: Modern, smart, confident, capable and comfortable. The well fitted suit is the uniform of success. It doesn't matter how much you spend; a well fitted $500 suit trumps a $2,000 ill-fitted bag every time.

Other Suit Buying Tips

Fabric should be your next priority. If you'll own just one suit make it a medium weight (all year round) high twist, natural stretch, (less wrinkle quick recovery) pure wool gray suit. Mid grey is preferable, but also acceptable are bankers grey, dark gray, or even charcoal. Choose a plain colour or very small, neat pattern, it works for workday, evening or interviews, and it can double as a sport coat with other slacks or jeans. Go gray all the way.

When choosing a style today there’s only one way to go; here’s what to look for:
  • 2 button, fairly narrow notch lapel jacket with side vents
  • Sleeve length: show a quarter to half and inch of shirt cuff
  • Jacket length: you should be able to cup your hands around the bottom of the jacket.
  • Pants should be flat front, fairly narrow and the length should be shorter than you think – don’t leave a puddle of cuff on your shoes.

Choosing a store is about trust. We believe trust is a gift - hard-earned and treasured. With over 35 years in the business of dressing men for their particular lifestyle it’s been our passion and mission. Today a custom fit suit provides a man with a distinctive, personalized and confident statement at a price that’s similar to off-the-rack.

Discover your personal style with a custom cut S. Cohen suit: join the Chris James Preferred Customer Programme and take advantage of the Wardrobe Development Program: receive $100 off the purchase of a suit made to your personal specifications. With over a 200 fabric assortment, you select the fabric/color you need, together we determine the details: The Fit - trim, contemporary, or classic. The jacket style and pant style - trim, classic, or athletic.  We then fit and measure, input the data into the computer, and 10 days later you are wearing your beautiful new custom fit suit.

Chris James Preferred Customers also receive the 2nd shirt, tie and pant at half price. For a limited time, sign-up for the program and save $50 off your next purchase.

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